Om Creation Trust

King George V Memorial Project Partner

To promote inclusiveness in society of multiple disabled and mentally challenged by facilitating economic empowerment.

The centre at King George V Memorial utilizes & showcases the ability of the disadvantaged in making utilitarian products with the aid of modern methodologies. This project consists of two divisions-

Om Foods and Om Visual Arts: Both the divisions are exclusively staffed by developmentally challenged women who come to the centre after five years of thorough training at SPJ Sadhana School. They work the whole day creating art & craft items in the visual art division and preparing savories, cakes & snacks in the food division that are sold across the country. They earn a small monthly stipend which contributes towards their upkeep and creates marketable products that have utility and bring joy to many. These women are passionate about their work and are proud of being able to stand on their own feet, despite being disadvantaged. At present around 65 developmentally challenged women are the beneficiaries under this project.

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