Aured Charitable Trust

King George V Memorial Project Partner

Aims to integrate children with hearing impairment into mainstream society

The centre at King George V Memorial, over the past 24 years, has provided support to more than thousand children with hearing impairments. Using the Auditory Verbal Approach, children are enabled to communicate through ‘Listening and Spoken Language’ and are integrated into a world of sound. We believe it is the right of every child with hearing impairment to communicate in spoken language.


  • Audiological Management and Early Intervention
    •   To detect hearing loss in children below the age of 3 years.
    •   Appropriate fitting of amplification devices,  hearing aids and /or cochlear implants.
  • To integrate hearing imhearing-impairedinto regular schools and into mainstream society
  • Detection and prevention of hearing loss in children from underprivileged families.


AURED provides therapy to children through the Auditory Verbal Approach. This method  enables  deaf children to listen and speak by developing their auditory skills which eventually helps them to integrate into regular school. Therapy is conducted on a one to one which is mandatory. No sign language or lip reading is used.

Other Projects:

  • Awareness Programme on Noise Pollution is undertaken through presentations in schools, colleges, business houses, housing societies.
  • Mobile Screening Project is a programme for early detection and prevention of hearing loss in underprivileged children from slums, creches, balwadis in and around Mumbai.


Aziza Tyabji Hydari, Trustee ( Mobile 9820174677 )
Sarita Bagaria, Administrator ( Mobile 9820062677 )
Telephone: 24926721

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