Cancer Patient Aid Association

King George V Memorial Project Partner 

Centre for the complete management of cancer

Viewing the disease in its total perspective, the CPAA follows a holistic approach to healing. This involves awareness of causes of cancer and early detection, patient care by providing complete assistance to cancer patients, i.e., to go beyond the treatment of the disease and help the patient cope with the economic, social and psychological impact of the disease and rehabilitation.

Keeping these objectives in view, the center at King George V Memorial has provided care services to 37,884 patients/ relatives of patients in the form of:

Medical Assistance – blood banks, medicines, prosthesis, radiation therapy, special investigations, second opinions from doctors & diet supplements

Counseling and guidance – counseling cells at major hospitals in Mumbai, home visits, hospital visits, palliative counseling & support groups

Rehabilitation & supplementary aid – accommodation, food bank, patient transportation, educational help, entertainment programs, travel assistance, help secure handicap certificates, etc.


Mrs. Manju Gupta, Executive Director
Telephone: 24924000 / 24927007

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