Current/Future Projects

KGVM Railing Replacement Project

The existing railing along the road/pathway edge in the KGVM campus is not in a good condition and requires replacement. Total running length of the railing is 1500m at a cost of Rs. 2000 per running length. The funding can be done in full or parts:

  1. Sponsor the entire railing construction and erection on site
  2. Sponsor the basic MS (steel) material
  3. Sponsor the labour component
  4. Sponsor a particular length of the railing – the minimum contribution being Rs 1000

Solid Waste Management Project

King George V Memorial (KGVM) Infirmary Complex, E Moses Road, Worli.

On 2nd October, 2017, MCGM announced its policy of collecting only dry solid waste. The wet waste was to be composted / disposed at its source of generation by the citizens. Thus responsibility of disposal of biodegradable waste generated within the KGVM campus lies primarily on KGVM.

KGVM is a large and spread out campus with a dispersed built footprint and surrounding open space. The campus has a good tree cover and green open spaces open. Thus the campus generates a substantial amount of green waste. This includes leaf litter, palm fronds, twigs, plant cuttings and trimmings. During monsoon the campus also looses a tree or more. Currently this waste is partially burned and partially carted away by MCGM.  As per general observation an area of this size would generate approximately 300 kg to 400 kg of green waste per day. The volume would be higher in the winters and the weight would higher in monsoon.

The accumulated plant matter from gardening activities which involve cutting or removing vegetation, i.e. cutting the lawn, weed removal, hedge trimming or pruning consisting of lawn clippings, leaf matter, wood and soil. It needs regular disposal / management to avoid foul odour, insect breeding etc.

The total number of footfalls on the campus is approx 800 per day which includes 350 residents and 450 nonresidents / visitors. Thus the quantum of wet waste generated on the campus is:Total no of permanent (day duration) persons = 800; Generation of total waste per person = 0.5 kg/ day (as per NEERI); Total manmade waste generated in campus = 400 kg / day; Generation of organic waste = 30% of total waste = 120 kg / day. Improper disposal or composting brings in rodents. It needs timely composting. Organic waste composters are the best way for the effective disposal by converting the biodegradable waste into rich fertile soil.

At present, we have built a facility consisting of a shredder, containers and tumblers for maturing the compost and a temporary shed for the composting of 100kg garden waste and 50kg wet waste based on Bio Culture Composting. But much needs to be achieved in the form of Organic waste converters, curing racks, etc. so as to be able to manage, on a daily basis, the entire waste generated on our premises.

Cleaning and Greening Project                

King George V Memorial, Anand Niketan, Dr E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai

Join Us in Maintaining this most beautiful Space

This most beautiful unique space which brings comfort to thousands of less privileged beneficiaries requires support and nurturing. Keeping this space clean and green so as to maintain a healthy environment needs plants, grass, fragrant plants, fruit trees, vegetable garden, fertile soil, manure, garden implements and manpower.

Your contribution towards this ongoing project would be much appreciated!